I am not a weed

June 22, 2015

There were no lawns in Soldiers Summit, the town where I lived until I was four, only wild grasses and flowers. Every spring the dandelions bloomed. I loved the huge yellow blossoms dotting the hillside, and when they went to seed, I thought of them as ghost flowers. Dandelions are as beautiful as any flower cultivated in a garden, yet people lay poison on their lawns to kill them. Below is a small photo tribute to the despised plants that we call weeds.


I am not a weed.

I am not a weed.


I am a beautiful flower

I am a beautiful flower.


We are not weeds.


We make a garden wherever we grow.

We make a garden wherever we grow.


By a tree . . .

By a tree . . .


. . . or beside a waste treatment plant.

. . . or beside a waste treatment plant.


Wild Gardens

We are all flowers. Let us live.


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The good ended happily, and the bad unhappily. That is what Fiction means.” — Oscar Wilde

The worst part is the ugly shirt.

Iconic Shot of Walter

My husband, the always perceptive Joe Heumann, recently pointed to an alarming pattern in my TV obsessions. The shows that hook me have disturbing elements in common. Crime and violence. Lots and lots of violence. A lead character who is a conflicted sociopath — Dexter, Jax Teller in Sons of Anarchy, or any of a dozen characters in The Wire. And now Walter White , the high-school chemistry teacher who starts cooking meth to pay for his cancer treatments in the AMC series Breaking Bad.

A Midlife Career Change

Walter (Brian Cranston) is a talented scientist who — for personal reasons that remain shrouded — turned his back on a lucrative career as a researcher  and became a high-school teacher. In the first episode, he’s so underpaid he works part-time at a carwash, where one of his smartass students takes a picture of him wiping tires, a shot that will no doubt pop up on two or three hundred adolescent cell phones. What unbearable humiliation. Yet Walter bears it.

Family Guys Get No respect

Walter en Famille

Then he’s diagnosed with lung cancer. The medical bills will wipe out the family’s meagre savings. No college for Junior. A diminished future for the daughter soon to be born. During a ridealong with his DEA brother-in-law, Walter sees the piles of cash confiscated from a busted meth lab and wakes up to the unvarnished truth about life.

Nice Guys Finish Last

Walter is done being a nice guy. He teams up with a former student (Aaron Paul) and begins his transformation into master meth cook Heisenberg. By the end of the first episode he’s already snuffed a guy. True, the guy is going to kill him, so he doesn’t have much choice. With this initial killing Walter takes the first step onto a long and very slippery slope. By the middle of season two, he’s responsible — directly or indirectly — for the deaths of quite a few people. Hundreds if you count the midair plane collision caused by the grieving air-traffic controller father of Jesse’s girlfriend, whose life Walter could have saved. He watches as she chokes to death on her own vomit. The bitch is just too snotty and inconvenient.

Near the end of season three, Walter casually plugs a bullet into the head of a man lying wounded in the street.

But bad guys do.


Fragments of the old Walter remain. At one point he gives up cooking to keep his wife from divorcing him. But it’s too late to go back. When he sees it won’t work, he signs the divorce papers and accepts a three-million-dollar offer to cook for a drug kingpin.

There’s Something about Walter

I can’t help liking this renegade high-school teacher. He doesn’t have Dexter’s animal magnetism or Jax’s slinky sexiness. He has the face of a guy who should have started using sunscreen decades ago. If he’s going parade around in his underwear, he needs to take up Pilates or weight-lifting. For viewers who want sexy, there’s his partner, Jesse, played by Aaron Paul. But Cranston brings such compelling and charismatic energy to the role that I have to get behind Walter. I hope he resists the urge to destroy himself. I hope he crushes his enemies, ends up with piles and piles of cash, and enjoys a quiet retirement, his cancer in remission. One evening he’ll be eating dinner at a posh restaurant where the jerk who snapped his picture at the carwash now works as a busboy. Walter could give him a hard time, even kill him. But why bother? Stepping on the little jerk would mean getting shit on his shoe.

I love the way he keeps calling Walter "Mr. White."

Jesse, Walter's Former Student and Now Partner

Yet I know the story won’t end like that. Nice guys might finish last, but bad guys don’t escape without retribution. One way or another, Walter has to go down in flames.


Photos from FanPop



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Ridin’ Through this World

November 12, 2011

If you have no interest whatsoever in the FX series chronicling the adventures of the motorcycle gang Sons of Anarchy, or if you haven’t been keeping up with season four, read no further. You’ll be either bored or pissed at me for spoiling the story. Season four is the best so far. The actors give […]

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Math Camp Massacre

March 6, 2011

I love JibJab personalized videos. Their dark, warped humor is so much like mine own. This particular JibJab project has been roiling in my sick little brain for a while, and finally it has reached fruition here.  I apologize profusely to my friends in the Charleston Scrabble Club – to those who were not cast in Math Camp […]

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Sons of Anarchy

February 19, 2011

The Sons of Anarchy are a fictional biker gang who make their living as gunrunners. They buy weapons from the IRA and sell them to other gangs, who seem to go through them the way a whore goes through condoms. The Sons style themselves as a motorcycle club and have a clubhouse at the Teller-Morrow automotive […]

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Mother Theresa Never Went Shopping

February 5, 2011

Joe and I were driving home from St. Louis after a satisfying Sunday afternoon shopping. Satisfying for me, anyway. I’d bought a Dooney & Burke handbag in bone all-weather leather with British tan leather trim. It was the nicest and most expensive bag I’d ever owned, and it hadn’t even been on sale! The thought […]

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January 28, 2011

My horse Tucker sighs. Not at random moments, either, but in situations where a sigh would be appropriate – when I keep him waiting too long while I chat with someone, or we enter the arena and he knows there’s work to be done. Soon after he came to me, I was watching him in […]

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Fairies Destroy the World

January 21, 2011

I spent all day Wednesday reading a paranormal romance called Shadowfever, the last in a series of five novels by Karen Marie Moning. The thing is over 600 pages long. I’m starting to think readers perceive length differently with an ebook. They don’t feel the volume weighting their hands or the thickness of the pages […]

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Blue Thunder

January 14, 2011

Benji and I met at a party given by the fiancée of Joe’s department chairman. I knew only a few people there and soon retreated to a chair beside a bird cage. A parakeet came over, jumped onto the bars and hung by his claws, showing his wide blue belly and snowy vent. He was […]

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Pilates and Me

January 6, 2011

  Joseph Pilates Joseph Pilates was a sickly kid who overcompensated by remaking himself into a superb athlete. He began developing his system of mind-body exercises while interned by the British as a German national during World War I and later gained renown as a teacher and trainer. He was apparently a hard-assed teacher, and […]

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